Kabob Corner of Stafford
1515 Stafford Market Place
Stafford, VA, US, 22554

Restaurant Hours

Sunday thru Thursday 11:00AM - 09:00PM

Friday thru Saturday 11:00AM - 10:00PM


4/9/2011 - Precious S, - Fredericksburg VA

 I love Middle Eastern Food and since moving to Fredericksburg, finding good places to eat has been a mission within itself...but since joining yelp, I have had some pretty good experiences finding places to eat since moving ot Northern VA...I have looked @ Kabob Corner plenty of times, whenever I am over in Stafford Market....so after working 14hrs, driving home to the burg from Reston, I decided to stop to get my better half and I a little lunch.   
 When I walked in I was already sold by the atmosphere and the mouth-watering smells..I ordered Chopan Kabob for him ~lamb ribs, so tender, and flavorful~ and Super Platter for myself ~Lamb, Chicken and Veggie Kabob~ OMG the portions are out of this world for the price!  Each dish automatically comes with a choice of a side, rice, small salad and wonderful NaN bread ~warm out the oven~ I also order Meat sauce which had wonderful juicy tender pieces of lamb and a side of Humus. The food was delicious, I can't wait to try some other items...This place Rocks!

I love them!

3/9/2011 - Joseph K, - Stafford VA

Being a fan of Middle Eastern food, I was sad when the original restaurant, Taste of Kabob, went out of business.  Luckily, Kabob Corner opened up in its place, and it's just as good, if not better.

At this point I've gotten most of the stuff from the menu -- haven't had a bad item yet.  The appetizers are good; my favorite is Mantu, which is a fried, potato-filled dumpling.  My regular dish is the kubideh kabob, but another favorite are the lamb chops.  The portions are HUGE (each main comes with rice, a small salad, a side, AND fresh baked bread).  The sides are all tasty (chickpeas, spinach, and potatoes come to mind).

It's a small place and they do get fairly busy at times.  I almost always call ahead and carry out.  They cook everything to order, so it can take fifteen to twenty minutes or so to get food.

All in all a great place to get food that isn't from a chain restaurant in Stafford.


11/13/2010 - Dina K, - Stafford VA

I am relieved that North Stafford has a restaurant that isn't a chain of Pancho Villas or franchises.  And, it was quite good.

Both my son and I had the Deluxe Kabobs which came with chicken, lamb, and kubideh - I had rice and spinach as my sides and my son had rice and potatoes.  The kabobs were served with piping hot naan.  My son, who is a very picky eater, loved his food and wants to start going there more often.

We also ordered two appetizers -- the eggplant and hummus -- both served with hot naan.

Servings were HUGE.  It was way more than I could eat.  Looks like I will be having Afghan food for the next couple of meals but as good as it was, that's alright with me.  I also want to add that I am not an expert in Afghan food, but it seemed fairly authentic and it was very tasty.

The restaurant was small but clean.  I think most people order carryout which is what we did.  The guys at the counter were very nice and seemed happy to serve us.

Now that I have found my new favorite place, I hope people in Stafford realize how good this place is so they can stay in business and stick around for a while!


07/08/2010 - Lia M, - Stafford VA

Kabob Corner is mainly a take-out & delivery restaurant, though there are some tables inside.  It is not fancy, but it is good.  I had the bone-chicken kabob & my husband had the lamb kabob, and each platter comes with rice, bread, salad, chatnee sauce and choice of a side (we had chickpeas).

While it is not the best Afghan food that I've had, it is really tasty.  Both meats were tender and juicy and the bread was good.  Also, you can't beat the price & quantity ($10 & huge portions).  I definitely want to try the baklava.  

Service was very friendly and welcoming.  Though I am moving from Stafford soon, I might need to visit before I leave.


04/22/2010 - John F, - Stafford VA

A newly opened kabob joint makes me happy!

Having moved down to Stafford less than a year ago, my wife and I are always on the hunt for good food that's a little less mainstream. Kabobs aren't exactly space food, but they at least aren't burgers! 

Kabob Corner has been opened in the former location of another kabob house.  I liked the other place and was very disappointed when they closed.

My wife went for lunch and emailed me about their tandoori (bread) and how good it was. They make it fresh for each order. It's my favorite kind with the crispy bottom soft, fluffy topside.  I got thinking about kabobs all afternoon and when we started talking about dinner...

Well, my wife enjoyed lunch so much, we went for dinner. There was another couple sitting and eating when we got there.... Seems they were back as well. 

I had the Deluxe Kabob platter with chicken, lamb and kubideh. My wife had lamb chops and our son had the chicken shawarma. All the platters come with a large entrenched serving on a fresh tandoori, a large serving of rice, a side salad and you choice of a side dish. Everything was excellent!  The meats were tasty and tender. The few sides we had were very tasty as well. 

The new owner was very welcoming and friendly. Our food came quickly and hot. 

The place is small, but the attitude is cozy and comfortable.  

I cannot say how happy we were to find a good kabob place on the way home from work. Something tells me, they'll be getting a regular chunk of all my paychecks!

If you want good relatively healthy food that's hot and tasty give them a try, you certainly won't be disappointed!

07/03/2010 - Pennie R, - Stafford VA

We went this afternoon for lunch and were amazed at both the quality and quantity of the food.  The flatbread is truly the best I've eaten and the eggplant sidedish was a highpoint of the meal.  The beef, lamb and chicken were all delicious and the cost was reasonable.

We had a steamed dumpling appetizer, too, which was quite tasty.  Grand total for the meal with 2 diet cokes, 2 entrees and an appetizer was barely $30.  We will absolutely return!

04/26/2010 - Heather H, - Stafford VA

I tried this place yesterday for the first time since it opened, which was only a week or so ago, and I loved it. The staff was nice, the food was delicious, and they had a good vegetarian section, which for those vegetarians like me, that can be hard to come by when eating out. They also deliver within a 3 mile radius, which I thought was pretty nifty. The place itself is kinda small but its still cozy and seems to be made mostly for take out or carry out. I'll definately be going again.